People Analytics

Use data analysis and machine learning to improve people management models

Objectives and solutions

Selection of candidates

Automatically assigning each candidate the probability of them becoming a well-performing agent

Identification of personal and professional aspects of candidates that influence loyalty and good performance

People Management

Staff sizing

Early identification of talent for employee retention and development plan

Automated algorithms to identify and profile employees most likely to leave the company

HR tools

Identify drivers/levers to improve the work environment based on survey results

Identification of levers for the optimal design of a remuneration policy

Evaluation of the impact of tools on employee loyalty

Advanced data management

Data Management: Analytical data models in Big Data, Cloud or Local environments

Digitisation: Information management processes and recurrent tasks automation

Smart business decisions: Advanced simulators for decision making

Smart visualization: Interactive dashboards with automatic conclusions

For whom?

Human Resources

Success stories

Recruiting optimization: predictive models for candidates in selection processes

Staff sizing

Retail Workforce Planning

Staff attrition prevention – Workforce loyalty in Retail

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