Sales & Channels Analytics

Analytics to drive acquisition and optimize channel and team management

Objectives and solutions

Sales planning and Strategy

Calculation of P&L/profitability by channel for multichannel decisions

Development of automated estimation processes with high granularity (sales, costs, income, customer acquisition and attrition, portfolio…)

Design/monitoring of Remuneration Models aligned with business objectives

Channel and team management

Segmentation of Agents / Partners / Stores

Capillarity analysis to optimise store closing/opening plan

Machine learning to identify candidates with a high probability of good performance

P&L calculation by partner to reduce business risks

Acquisition drive

Potential market segments and acquisition profiles

Optimisation of sales campaigns with databases belonging to partners (Leads rating)

Automated profitability calculation in Acquisition processes to define tariffs, discounts or promotions

Advanced data management

Data Management: Analytical data models in Big Data, Cloud or Local environments

Digitisation: Information management processes and recurrent tasks automation

Smart business decisions: Advanced simulators for decision making

Smart visualization: Interactive dashboards with automatic conclusions

For whom?


Sales operations


Business intelligence

Big data

Success stories

Potential market segments and acquisition profiles

Design/monitoring of Remuneration Models aligned with business objectives

Automated profitability calculation in Acquisition processes

Smart Business Decisions: Retail – stores footprint optimal management

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Martín Domingo Sancho

Project Manager and Head of R&D&I & Big Data

Iker Arrieta Martínez

Project Director

José Antonio Muñoz Álamos

Project Director

Javier Ramos del Puerto

Project Director

Javier González Sánchez

Partner – IT Director

Virginia García-Alcubilla de Luis

Partner – Project Director

Federico Coello Casariego

Partner – Project Director

Fernando Martínez Jover

Partner – Managing Director

Borja Cabeza Gil Casares

Partner – CEO

Commercial Proposition Analytics

Commercial offer management with Data Driven decisions, based on Pricing analysis, Acquisition ROI and intelligent customer-product recommendation algorithms.

Financial & Operations Analytics

Advanced and automated profitability analysis (channels, customers, campaigns…), to improve decision making regarding revenues and costs and resource allocation.

CX Analytics

Improve customer experience and omnichannel management through Big Data and analytical models.

People Analytics

Use data analysis and machine learning to improve people management models: recruitment, employee loyalty and talent management.

Customer Analytics

Analytical solutions and predictive algorithms for advanced customer management: prevention, retention, loyalty, cross-selling and portfolio segmentation.